• That Mrs. Miller

I’ve Been MIA, But That’s How It Goes Sometimes

I started this blog with good intentions. I start everything with good intentions and sometimes things fall by the wayside. I’m not the only one who does this, right? I can’t be. If your like me, you start with a bunch of good ideas and then have a hard time implementing them. That’s what happened to the blog. I started focusing on Instagram, Youtube, and Etsy again and didn’t make the time to update here. I‘ve slowly found the joy in creating again, and I’m hoping to get this blog back on track, too.

So here’s the plan.

First, I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my email list (I promise I won’t spam you). I’m going to try and put together a monthly newsletter that will include possibly a free wallpaper, planner insert, or something like that starting in October. I’d also like to include a few of my favorite things for the month. They could be planner related, a recipe I tried or even just general lifestyle things.

Second, I‘d really love this blog to be about all things planning, with a bit of lifestyle and organizational content sprinkled in. My goal is to have a blog post every 2 weeks at first (just until I get my feet wet) and then possibly once a week later down the road.

Third, I’d really love to hear from YOU! Let me know what kind of content you’d love to see. My blog will be a lot about my specific planner journey, but I also want to talk about things that are important to you as well. So drop me a comment, email me (, or send me a DM on Instagram @thatmrsmiller. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!

See you next time!