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Updated: Aug 24

Blogging isn't a new thing for me. Before I became a part of the planner community I was a "blogger". I use the term blogger loosely because my blog and I, hard as I tried to make something of it, were virtually unknown. When you start a blog that centers around life and your life isn't very exciting it makes for boring, forced content. There came a point where topics eluded me and it felt too much like work. So I gave up. There's a pattern of giving up in my life that I won't go into great detail about, but I've been a "photographer' also and when it got to hard and felt like work more than the hobby I grew to love, I gave up. Planning is the only thing I haven't given up on.

What is it about planning that has breached the hurdle of my extremely short attention span? Truthfully? I have no idea. I originally started using a planner in hopes that it would help me brainstorm and schedule blog content. Spoiler alert: a planner only works if you use it. My first planner was a 2017, 18 month Happy Planner...the one with the marbled cover. Remember that one? I remember being so excited the day it was delivered vowing to finally get my life on track and schedule ALL the things. It went virtually untouched from July-November. So what changed in November? Stickers. I went full on sticker happy and started buying ALL the things. When my planner looked pretty it made me want to use it more. I shared my first planner related Instagram post in December 2017, started my Youtube channel in February of 2019, and I'm still here over 3 years later. Nothing else I've done in my life has stuck. Planning stuck. And as they say, the rest is history.

There's a lot more that's happened on my planner journey between 2017 and now, but I'll save that for future buckle up. It's going to be entertaining and possibly even a little controversial...only time will tell.

For now I'll tell you a little bit more about me and let you get on with your day. Hi, I'm Michelle - I'm 43 years old, married, no kids. I live in Florida with Mr. Miller, our dog Tini, and our cat Boo. Planning and everything related to it is my jam. It's pretty much what I do when I'm not working my day job. Youtube, Instagram, my Etsy shop, and now this blog keep me pretty busy - and I love it.

That Mrs. Miller has been my online name since shortly before I married Mr. Miller. The reason I chose that name was because my husband's ex-wife kept his last name after they divorced which I found to be odd since they did not have kids. I couldn't wait to shed the awful weight of my ex-husbands last name. Anyway, I knew she looked at my social media and I wanted to be petty - so I proclaimed to the world through my Instagram handle that I am "That" Mrs. Miller, and besides his Mama (whom I adore), there are no others.

So that's where I'm going to leave it for now. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you'll be notified of future posts. Posts will be weekly for now and I've already got a bunch of ideas for the future! Thanks for reading and I'll catch you in my next post!